More than just a house.


Looking to develop a new or existing property? Our project team is passionate about designing and building new residential homes and structures specifically tailored to each client. Whether you want a new house, garage, or laneway home, we will help you design and build the ideal structure. 

Our professional project team will begin by producing an attainable schedule and cost estimate, before proceeding with the preliminary tasks of permitting and any required engineering analysis. The next steps are to design your project according to your visions and the city bylaws. This is a proactive stage of the project involving the client and our design team to help produce an innovative design that if both functional and visually stunning. Finally, we will build your new construction project and ensure that your home is completed to the premium standards that are expected. The aim is to produce a dream home that has been proactively designed and built specifically for you.

Throughout the design and construction phases, Northern Concepts assumes full responsibility, and will therefore schedule all labour and materials necessary to complete this project, as well as manage the project schedule and expenses according to the timeline and budget determined throughout our meetings.



Descartes Pl.

modern flare in a mountain city


E 39th Ave.

transitional and luxury



Charles St.

Traditional made simple


Pandora St.

transitional twist in east van