Recent Projects

Northern Concepts was hired to complete a renovation at Ansel Place in West Vancouver which involved renovating two unfinished basement rooms into a wine cellar, workshop, gym, and storage room. In addition, we went through and fixed all of the drywall issues in their home caused by settling, and wear and tear.

This project consisted of many custom designs and specifications provided by our clients. At the beginning of the project, we sat down with our clients to determine a budget based on all the custom design aspects they had requested as well as set out a timeline to complete the job. During this project, Northern Concepts was responsible for recommending and scheduling different sub-trades such as plumbers, electricians, drywallers, painters, tilers, etc. not to mention all of the different materials needed for each room being renovated.

In the middle of the renovation, the homeowners decided to remodel their bathroom in the basement and move their mechanical room to create a wider enterance into the gym area as well as to hide the mechanics. This project was unique for us because our clients were out of town for long periods of time throughout the majority of this renovation.

It was great that they were able to see such significant changes in their home each time they arrived back home. Northern Concepts is pleased that we were able to upgrade our clients house into their forever home.

Recent Projects

One of our favorite new construction projects that we have recently completed is a new garage in East Vancouver close to the PNE. Our client was tired of storing his hot rods off of his property, covered up where no one could see them. He hired us to build him a new garage which was going to be a new home for his incredible cars so he could show them off.

This new garage took us 6 weeks from start of demolition to complete everything including re-landscaping the yard with team of 2-3 people at any given time. We designed this garage to match the exterior of the existing bungalow home. After obtaining the permits and land surveys for this new garage, we began demolition the existing garage structure and dispose of all materials. Then we dug through years of layered soil and old tree trunks with an excavator to plot the site for the new garage. After that, we began laying out the new foundation and framing the new garage structure. Following that was the then roofing, siding, drywalling, insullation, and laying down a special shiney floor for the garage.

The biggest challenge on this project was our clients very tight budget. We were able to get the project done quickly, and negotiate with our sub-trades to keep the costs low. Northern Concepts was able to complete this project on budget, while providing our client with all of his must-haves. He is a very happy man now that he has a new home for his hot rods and is now considering using us to renovate his kitchen and bathroom.

Recent Projects

We did a smaller renovation for a young couple in East Vancouver who had just bought a new home that had been renovated. Before they moved in, they wanted to do some more minor upgrades and repairs so it was more comfortable for them to live in. This renovation included moving around a couple walls, adding in a washer and dryer, as well as doing some minor repairs to the basement suite.

One of the biggest issues that came up during this renovation happened when we opened up the walls. Our clients had been told that the electrical in their house had been upgraded from the outdated knob and tube wiring. Unfortunately for our clients, this was not the case. It was apparent after we opened up the first wall, that the knob and tube wiring still existed in the house and the electrical was not actually up to code.

We immediately advised our clients of this issue and recommended that our Electrician come assess how extensive the problem is as well as estimate how much it would cost to fix. They agreed to have our Electrician perform all necessary changes to bring the electrical in their house back up to code.

Although our clients had this unforeseen cost in their renovation, they are very happy with the end product and that we were able to help rectify the issues that arose during the renovation. Northern Concepts is proud that we have helped this couple move into a safer home that is now suited to their needs.

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